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Sorry to anyone that's already seen this...

Today, I was looking through the latest issue of The Carolinian, UNCG's liberal "news"paper.  Upon reading the "Letters to the Editor" section, I came to discover a few things about myself that I never really knew before.  I would like to thank the author, Glenn Weyler, for teaching me these valuable lessons about my ideals, morals, and general thought processes.  Like I said, these ideas are very new to me. 

Why People Boo Republicans
By Glenn Weyler
Published: Tuesday, September 14, 2004
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This is a country of free speech, as such, everyone does indeed have the right to voice their political opinions. However, when people attack Republicans of late, particularly those that are voting for Bush this year, they are not attacking the young Republican's right to free speech, they are attacking said person for their sheer lack of reason. If you claim to be voting for Bush this November, then you are telling me a few specific things about you-
1) You believe that a woman does not have the right to control over her body. Also, if you are a woman, this also tells me that you have a long way to go towards becoming a feminist.
2) If you have gay friends, then you are essentially slapping them across the face and treating them as sub-human. Though I don't believe a Republican voting for Bush would have gay friends, at the same time, if you do, you are inviting them to hit you on principle.
3) You are telling your roommate whose boyfriend is stuck in Iraq for a second term that you are completely happy with the military's decision about that. In fact, you are telling everyone you know that is of drafting eligability that you are in favor of seeing them sent to die overseas for business interests.

It's not that people are trying to trample on your rights to say what you want, Young Republican, it's just that we think you really ought to stop and think before you say anything.

-End of shitty letter-

Thank you Glenn.  Now if you would please, be open-minded (not something you do very well apparently) and hear me out for just a moment.

I did not know that as a Republican, I had a "sheer lack of reason."  As a matter of fact, I wish I could bump into you on campus just so I could prove to you just how wrong you are.  I have many reasons (which I have listed before, so will not at this time) for not only being a Republican, but also for voting for Bush in November.  I'm very sorry that you confused your unwillingness to accept other people's reasons (i.e. close-mindedness) with them having no reasons.  It's quite sad really. 

Also, I wasn't aware that as a Republican, I am supposed to think that feminism is a good thing.  You speak in your letter about how Republican women "have a long way to go towards becoming a feminist."  In response to this, I say THANK GOD!!! At no point in my life have I ever wanted to be or strived to be a feminist (no offense to those that are).  I believe in women having equal rights, but I do not think that makes me a feminist.  I think that feminism is the radical extreme of wanting or needing women's rights.  I think there is a very big difference between wanting rights and wanting to be better than men.  VERY BIG DIFFERENCE. 

Thank you for also informing me that I'm not allowed (or supposed to have) gay friends. And that if I do have them, I'm supposed to treat them "as sub-human."  Well, I hate to inform you, I DO have gay friends.  I have one gay friend who is (gasp) voting for Bush in November.  Oh, but wait, I guess that isn't allowed is it??  Just because something goes against popular belief doesn't mean it isn't allowed.  But you, being so open-minded, already knew that didn't you?  I would just like to state that I can disagree with someone's lifestyle, yet still be close to them and enjoy their company.  Some of my closest friends are gay, and quite frankly, I find it offensive that you question our friendship and go so far as to say that it shouldn't even exist.  Screw you, and whoever you THINK you are, telling me who I can and can't be friends with.  My gay friends accept me for who I am (including my Republican side), which is more than I can say for you. 

And lastly, just because I think our country needs to defend itself does not mean I think the draft should be instated.  That's why people like you make me laugh.  NONE of those soldiers, NONE I say, are in Iraq because they were forced to be.  There was no draft, they are there on their own free will.  And you may find this to be hard to believe, but part of war is dying.  Those women and men knew when they went over there that they might not be coming home.  Tragic as it may be, if you're not willing to accept what going to war entails, don't sign up for it.  You have that choice.  CHOICE (i.e. NO DRAFT)!  And further, just because I agree with going to war for what you call "business interests" (I didn't know national security was a business interest, but ok, whatever you say oh divine liberal that you are) doesn't mean I think everyone over there should die.  I support our troops and wish them a safe return home...and I support the Commander in Chief that put them there in the first place. 

I'll end my rant as you ended yours, it's not like I think you're ignorant or stupid, Young Democrat, it's just that I think you really ought to stop and think before you say anything as stupid as the things you have said in this letter.  Thank you for proving not only your arrogance and chauvinism, but thank you for once again proving how close-minded you Liberals really are.  Thank you for your time. 


Courtney Kimrey

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