Joshua Webb (falsefashion) wrote in right_conserv,
Joshua Webb

CBS - The Kerry camp?

CBS and Dan Rather released a "news" break on 60 minutes that attacked President Bush's Texas Air National Guard record, which in that attack they provided Documents to prove their breaking story. This evening Dan Rather and CBS admitted they were "duped" and that they could not stand by the documents and cannot prove their authenticity. CBS also admitted that Bill Burkett (a well known Bush hater) did mislead a CBS news producer about the documents.

John Burkett (a retired National Guard Lieutenant colonel) admitted that he deliberately mislead the CBS news network. Burkett gave false origins of the documents to the network to protect the confidentiality he promised to the actual source.

Burkett is well known for his Bush "hating" and has been discredited in the past. The serious questions being raised now is John Burkett has senior-level contacts with the Kerry Campaign. Could this be a desperate act to salvage John Kerry's hate filled, Bush Bashing, no-plan type of campaign? Could this be their attempt to close the poll gaps? Investigations will hopefully uncover the individuals responsible for this obvious attempt to falsely damage Bush's name.
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