Joshua Webb (falsefashion) wrote in right_conserv,
Joshua Webb

Bush Leading in Youth Vote

Bush Tidal Wave Among Young Voters

President Bush 53%, Senator Kerry 41%

  • A recent Washington Post/ABC poll shows President Bush leading John Kerry among young voters by 12 points, 53-41%.

    Since August, John Kerry lost 20 points and the President gained 18 points--a 38-point turnaround! The following is the polling data of the 18-30 year-old registered voters:

  • Washington Post / ABC August 1
    Bush 35%
    Kerry 61%

  • Washington Post/ABC August 30
    Bush 45%
    Kerry 53%

  • Washington Post / ABC September 10
    Bush 46%
    Kerry 49%

  • Washington Post / ABC September 28
    Bush 53%
    Kerry 41%

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